Welcome to the website of the Office of the Secretary-General of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd. Here the Community will be able to find up to date communications from the Superior, the Secretary-General, and the Almoner-General. Current and archived publications can also be found here: Contacts; Letters from the Officers; the Quarterly Intercession Paper; the Manual; the Annual Report; a pamphlet of the Seven Notes; the Prayer Card; the Annual Directory; the Birthday List; the Necrology; the Minutes, Agendas and other official documents of General Chapter; Provincial Companion’s letters, magazines, and newsletters; and histories of the Oratory. There is also a section where you can  find articles about the Oratory including: the much sought after Oratory retreat addresses of Archbishop Michael Ramsey; Father Tibbatt’s addresses on the Seven Notes and his 75th Anniversary History of the Oratory; as well as obituaries, funeral sermons for departed Brethren, and many other papers relating to the Oratory or Oratorians. I welcome contributions from the Brethren of items they have written or writings of the departed Brethren for inclusion in this section.

As this site is primarily for the use of the Community of the Oratory most of these pages are password protected. The whole Community will have the main password and thus have access to most of the site. However the pages ‘Letters’, ‘Annual Reports’, ‘The Manual’, and ‘General Chapter’ have a separate password as only the brethren may access these pages. Letters meant for the whole Community will be posted on the Companion’s page as well as Letters page. You will only need to enter the password once to gain access to the restricted pages. The Brethren will need to enter their separate password to access the brethren only pages. The pages ‘Home’,’Contacts’ and ‘History’ are public. For those visiting the site who are not members of the Community I ask for your understanding.

You can double click on any image to make it larger. All documents are PDF Files. If you wish to print any document as a booklet (unless it is already labeled as a Booklet) select ‘Booklet Printing’  in the Page Scaling option of your print window.

The Venerable Dr Edward Simonton OGS – Secretary-General